Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Case Study #1 ( Ben & Jerry’s (A): Team Development Intervention

1. Team Building is typically used in OD to loosen up an over-organized system that is too rigid and bureaucratic. In this case, team building is aimed at providing structure to an under-organized system. In doing a diagnosis, what factors are important to consider in determining whether a company or team is over- or under-organized? In determining whether a company or team is over- or under-organized there are strengths and concerns that must both be considered. The strengths that need to be addressed are: 1. High commitment to the company and its mission 2. norms of honesty and straightforwardness 3. smart and articulate management 4. high interest in growth and learning 5. founders and general manager as role-models. The concerns that must be addressed are: 1. People and systems not keeping pace with growth 2. lack of clear structure roles and teamwork 3. lack of common mission, direction, and priorities 4. people are stretched to the limit 5. founders and general manager are both company’s greatest strength and greatest weakness. What are the implications for planning an OD intervention? In this case planning an intervention was needed because nobody was taking responsibility for anything. They had no guidelines or structure to go by in their work. Ben and Jerry wanted to make it a fun family work environment. In doing this, they lacked the means to place authority in to effect. If things got broken nobody would man up and take responsibility for their own actions. If Ben and Jerry would have placed authority above fun this could have been avoided. If they would have been boss before friend it would not have gotten to this point.

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